About us-Second Impression Palace Antique Mall

About us

No matter where your interests lie, The Second Impression Palace Antique Mall in Mitchell South Dakota has something for you.  Owners Brenda and Dan have been in business for over 25 years and, along with several long-time vendors, have accumulated an awesome array of antiques, collectibles and cool stuff. 


This business has been “picking”, “going green” and “re-purposing” long before these phrases became trendy.  An obvious example of that is the Main Street building facades they built inside their store, a former JC Penney store, using salvaged materials from around the area. 

Every storefront in the Mall has its own unique character and merchandise, such as the “Mission Hill State Bank” façade which enters the library filled with vintage books, periodicals and vinyl.  The “Barber Shop” houses kitchen collectibles while the “Brothel” displays military uniforms.  Glassware of all types can be found throughout the Mall, tools are in the Palace and renovation materials are in the basement.  But this is not a static business.  As the generations change, so does the inventory to keep up with what today’s shoppers are looking for.  Victorian, retro, vintage, primitive, shabby chic or industrial - it’s all here. 

The Antique Mall is conveniently located just one block south of the World’s Only Corn Palace so while you are in Mitchell stop in for a fun trip down memory lane.  And best of all, you can take a memory back home with you.